Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Sort Of French I guess

The base of this cocktail is a smoked wheat saison, made using wheat malt that has been smoked with oak wood. If you can't find a similar beer at your local bottleshop or brewery, that's a bummer bro. You could try substituting a different beer. If you live in a city where you can purchase Blue Moon without enduring a withering eye roll from the scarved-even-though-it's-fucking-july grocery checkout person, well you still shouldn't buy it and I hope if you thought this sentence was going to end differently that you stub your toe really hard later. Or you could sublet the basement, then you would have constant access to all the exotic beer needed to recreate your favorite blog-born cocktails. Must be cool with Radon. Also, after biking home I come sit in the basement in my underwear for like 15 minutes and just sweat really hard. You have to be cool with that. Also you can't talk to me while that is happening.

Anyways, find a wheat beer or a saison, or ideally a wheat saison that isn't very hoppy. You want a complex beer, that once you add a bunch of complex liquors and spirits to, will taste like something you can really pound to get refreshed and hammered. This cocktail is aimed at addressing several of the problems with fancy cocktails, namely that you can finish them in 3 sips, have about 5 minutes to drink them before they are room temp, and can only have 3 before sugar & alcohol claim you. My ideal cocktail is about 16 oz and served at 38F in a coozie and you can have 5 of them....

15 takes and this was the best one...
Why yes, we do have a nice Hutch

"It's Sort Of French I guess"

12 oz Smoked Wheat Saison
1 oz lemon 
3/4 oz Barenjager
1 oz Torani Amer

Briefly shake the liquors & lemon with ice, then strain into glass of beer. Gently stir to mix without totally killing all the carbonation in the beer. Put a pinch of grapefruit salt on the rim.

If you are smart, you mixed 3x the amounts listed so you could top off each beer as you draw it from the keg.

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